Hello reader! welcome to my side of the internet XD -Loaf


about me!

my name is adam but you can call me loaf on the internet :DD looking for nice friens to spend time with and talk about my video gaem collection :O
i like funney gifs they make me laugh! here are some of my faverite gifs!

here is my gameing setup!!

i know its a bit messy XD my mum says to clean it but i am to busy gameing!

i like to play league of legends atm but sometimes i play club penguin with my friends to have a bit of fun! :D

I liek bowling!

lol! im realey good at bowling XD i destroy all my friends at it >:D

message me!

I want friens!

Countries i have bean too!!

I have bean to:

i would like to japanese soon :D

shh, tell no body XD

i did a fart earlier! haha :D


im mega rich!!!! i have many lamborgeenie and ferary!
my dad work for micral soft and his
name is bil gatse!

My shop!!!!

i am selling stuff on my shop! one day i will be a shop owner :D

what am i selling? good question! everything :DDDD